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How to improve the International Rules Series & want to do with the Inter-provincial Championship?

Why not combine them, in an end of season competition both side of the globe!

Sounds simple, it is and should have many benefits for the GAA and AFL as well as the 4 provincial councils.


2 annual competitions running in both Ireland & Australia with a fixed 5 year promise and dates.

In Ireland teams would play for the Railway Cup and in Australia teams would play for the Cormac McAnallen Cup


Ireland                                                     Australia

Connacht                                                  New South Wales

Leinster                                                     Queensland

Munster                                                     South & West Australia

Ulster                                                         Victoria

A Draw would take place to see which 2 Irish and Australian teams would face each other, than a system of rotation would be put in place to make sure that each team would play a home series and away series on rotation of 1 or 2 years.


Railway Cup                                      Cormac McAnallen Cup

Connacht                                             Queensland

Ulster                                                    Victoria

New South Wales                               Leinster

S/W Australia                                      Munster

Home “States/Province” will get 1 game at home bringing income in from the game. With final & ¾ play-off being played in Capital(s) with the ruling bodies getting the income from ticket sales.


S/F 1. Connacht v New South Wales @ Pearse Stadium – Galway (Fri pm IRE – Sat am AUS)

S/F 2. Ulster v S/W Australia @ Casement Park – Belfast (Sat pm – Sun am)

Final & ¾ Play-off (Double Header) @ Croke Park – Dublin (Sat pm – Sun am)

S/F1. Queensland v Leinster @ The Gabba – Brisbane (Sat pm – Sat am)

S/F2. Victoria v Munster @ MCG – Melbourne (Sun pm – Sun am)

Final & ¾ Play-off (Double Header) @ SCG – Sydney (Sun pm – Sun am)

But why?

Increase the number of teams taking part, jumping from 2 to 8 giving the series more competition and credibility.

One of the biggest annual sporting events in Australia is the Rugby League “State of Origin” which is played between New South Wales & Queensland, The Series brings in big crowds and the money follows. Victoria which is the birth place of AFL does not have an interstate competition for the fans to get behind.

Would give the Inter-provincial teams a greater importance in Ireland, giving the players a greater challenge and the fans a stable series to get behind.

Teams would be picked on Origin of birth, giving Irish AFL players an opportunity to play for the Province as well as Current GAA & AFL players a chance to play for the Province/State in a high level international competition.


Control of the 2 series being with the home governing body.

Set dates for the annual competition, so fans know when and where the games will be played, encouraging an increase of tourism for the host cities.

Bigger and better competition(s) in both Ireland & Australia each year. Increasing number of teams and players playing International Rules. Which will lead to an increase of interest with fans.

Increase in Sponsorship, 2 title sponsors (one in Ireland, one in Australia), and an increase in secondary sponsors.

Number of Kits for sale increasing, as well as the number of Primary & Secondary kit sponsors increasing. Giving both GAA & AFL greater negotiating power with Kit manufacturers and sponsors.

Host Cities/Stadia after 1st year (which largest conurbations are used to develop the 2 series) the host cites and stadiums would be open to bidding from county boards in conjunction with local councils, tourism and development organisations, giving the best possible deals for GAA/AFL. Bids should be open to non GAA grounds (Should be no issue if Thomond Park, Kingspan Stadium & Aviva Stadium bid for a game, as long as it is beneficial to the GAA/AFL as a whole). Also should not be any issue on Stadiums from outside Ireland & Australia bidding for final double headers giving chance for London or Auckland to bid for the game – We all know that there is enough Irish and Aussies living and working in London for there to be a demand for tickets. An off shoot of the bidding process should lead county boards to develop their main grounds to be of standard to host a game. Minimum Stadiums should be set by GAA/AFL when bidding process opens.

TV Rights – the GAA/AFL should be able to get better deal from the TV companies for both for live games and highlights, Irish Series (4 games) Live and Highlights & Australian Series (4 games) live and Highlights giving both GAA (Ireland & UK) and AFL (Australia & NZ)  4 TV packages to sell. Rest of world and online can be sold as joint packages for both GAA and AFL. A total of 8 (+ RoW & online) will increase revenue for the GAA & AFL.

Will that my plan, what do you think – would it, could it work? Would it benefit the 2 competitions? Would fans get behind the 2 new series? Would love to hear your thoughts……